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Our team is always growing!

If you are a motivated individual Interested in a home-based business, recently retired, seeking part-time employment with flexibility, Interested in sales, or a business profession then this is for you.

Our products are safe, effective, actually sell themselves. The ability to provide personalized one-on-one service for a quality product that is guaranteed authentic creates the highest rate of customer loyalty through top-notch customer service.

No matter if you run a retail store, tanning or hair salon, like trade shows, a kiosk in a mall, flea markets or sell on Ebay and Amazon, All Natural Assets can show you how to make people feel great about themselves and make money doing it.

Our National Distributors & Customers love All Natural Assets. Here are a few reasons why!

TIME SAVINGS - Our distributors do not have to worry about taking the time to stop their busy day and run to the post office, deal with postage, deliver products (unless they choose to) and run the office supply store to find shipping materials, stamps and tape. Since ANA ships directly to THEIR customers. They spend their time building their client base and showing new customers who love the product our opportunity which helps them expand THEIR business.

CUSTOMER PORTAL - We provide our customers the ability to go into their own individual customer portal and make changes anytime they want. They also have the ability to view their past purchases and they also receive a re-order email to remind them to order again. (Our distributors no longer NEED to followup or try to remember when their customers may be running out of their products. This eliminates numerous phone tags between customers and distributors and helps eliminate customers forgetting to reorder and going without product.)

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING AND ADVERTISING– All Natural Assets has hired a marketing company. ANA and the marketing company work full time to provide the best looking, most resourceful, user friendly, up to date and valued most professional marketing available for our distributors. We market All Natural Asset products for our distributors!

PROFESSIONAL CONTENT – Our team of Professional writers produce Blogs and newsletters which educate the public on the benefits of our products. These are FREE resources for not only the public, our customers but also the distributors can copy and paste or use as printable materials for their own use.

MULTIPLE PRODUCT ORDERING – Our shopping cart allows our customers to purchase more than one type of product within one checkout. No need to order one product, checkout, then order a different product. ANA receives multiple orders daily.

DISTRIBUTOR PORTAL – Our distributors can log in to their private Distributor portal and are able to do a variety of things like, view their commissions, look to see which customers have ordered, what product they ordered, when it was shipped to the customer and that customers contact information. We also provide many useful downloadable business documents and forms This portal also has a marketing section that provides our distributors with tools to help market themselves and ANA.

COMMISSIONS – Our distributors earn $10 from every bottle purchased from their customers online. This commission is mailed to you and you receive it around the 15th of every month. ANA has hired a local CPA firm to handle all of the financial aspects of the company, including Commissions and Bonuses. Our Distributors can review their commission at any time!

Our distributors earn $13 from every bottle purchased from Corporate directly. This allows our distributors to maximize their profits as some like have product on hand to deliver to customers directly.

These COMMISSION CHECKS are direct deposited into the bank account of your choosing for 15th of the month.

REFERRAL PROGRAM BONUS- When a new distributor becomes a member of the ANA team that you referred, they will be directly associated with your account. Each month that you personally move 50 bottles (thru online sales to customers or personal purchases thru our store or online) you will receive a $1 BONUS on every bottle your distributor purchases or sales online.

EXAMPLE: You sell GC Plus to Tammy and she loves it and becomes an ANA National Distributor. She uses your name as the "who referred you" in the National Distributor signup. She just happens to own a local gym or hair salon or something similar. She deals directly with ANA corporate and purchases 100 bottles a month. YOU receive a $1 referral bonus from every bottle Tammy purchases and/or sales to her customers via our website or in-store purchase. You make an EXTRA $100 a month just for referring Tammy to ANA!

NO INVENTORY REQUIREMENT – Our distributors do not need to have tons of inventory! Some distributors chose to have a few on hand for those quick sales, but the majority of our team carries less than 20 bottles of product at a time. ANA offers our customers to order from the distributor via that individual distributors webpage. ANA will ship out the product so therefore the distributors enjoy their own money and therefore their money is not tied up in the product that has to sit on their shelves until sold to customers. While we do not require you to keep inventory on hand, we DO recommend doing so for those local in person sales that our distributors come across on a daily basis.

EXPANDING PRODUCT LINE - ANA is in the process of adding to our already great line of products. We do this to ensure that our distributors will always have options. We don't expect everyone to buy our product. But in the future we will have a product for everyone. This also saves our distributors time in having to research and find the right products to expand their customer reach.

LOW MONTHLY FEE – A $20 monthly fee is charged for distributor maintenance and is taken out of the bank of your choosing electronically on the 10th of the month.

QUICK SHIPPING – Our products are usually sent out the day the customer places their order on line! If an order hits corporate after 3 p.m. chances are that shipment will go out the next business day. Each order that is shipped has a tip card included in it. The importance of ANA's tip card; to help further educate the customer on when the recommended time to take the product, importance of water intake while taking this product, how to reorder more product, and also shares ANA's incredible & unique business opportunity of joining our ANA team.

ANA Bottle labels are also placed on the top of each bottle to ensure your customer remembers where they purchased their bottles from.

You will find that with all of the great marketing that ANA gives to their distributors, it won't be long until you have customers that you have never met. Networking through Facebook, website, and other social media links help bring customers to our distributors from far outside their circle of family and friends.

ONLINE TRAINING – ANA provides free online informational and training meetings to our distributors so they can learn the latest selling techniques, receive product knowledge and learn the direction of the company. This is also a great time for all distributors to share any experiences from the last week. Communication is key to any organization and we strive to stay open with all of our distributors and customers.

ANA No Longer sells the Asset Product line.

Do not become a an ANA distributor if you want to sell those products.

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