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Welcome to All Natural Assets Inc.

All Natural Assets is dedicated to providing high quality nutraceutical and authentic products that address numerous health conditions. All Natural Assets Inc., continues to help more people find better health and vitality using products from ANA’s exclusive products line.

About ANA

From Weight loss, to Sexual health, ANA’s all natural products are manufactured in the USA and are made from the most effective and safe natural ingredients available on the market today. All Natural Assets Inc., is based in Columbus, Indiana. ANA is a woman owned and veteran operated business.

Our Vision

All Natural Assets Inc, was established in May of 2012, and has quickly become a leader in exclusive all natural products manufactured in the USA. ANA’s vision has enabled it to provide an excellent business opportunity for full or part-time and was actually designed with single mothers in mind.

Our Products

Catalyst XT Fat Incinerator
Check out ANA’s newest product.

Catalyst XT is the first All Natural FAT INCINERATOR of its type ever created in the USA.

Energy Booster
Enhances Mental Clarity
Appetite Suppressant Aid
Promotes Fat Metabolism


ANA’s Pre-Workout Formula is a HIT!

timthumbI was putting in my fitness time per week and still was not achieving the results I was hoping for. I felt like I needed some kind of “boost” so I dedicated the month of July to seeking out the best product for me (a 40-something..ok…44 yo busy mom).

Once I tried the Catalyst/Nitro combo, my search was over! The combination’s effects have been outstanding! I do a lot of high intensity circuit training and I was able to keep my heart rate elevated for longer intervals (equaling burning more fat, can I get an “amen”?) and my endurance has been amazing! Not only do my workouts last longer, I want MORE!!

When it came to weight training (another passion), I found that I was able to push thru many more reps and sets AND I have doubled or even tripled the amount I’m lifting in some of my workouts! This has all been in less than a month!!! Cannot wait to experience this long term! I am very much a walking testimonial and am looking forward to working with ANA as a distributor! Amazing company…even MORE amazing products! – Kelli